Fighting Depression in Conservatives and Libertarians


Fighting Depression in Conservatives and Libertarians – A how to instructional video to enjoy the decline, not be depressed, appreciate what you have, and enjoy the misery of leftists and liberals. For more specif…


Frank Lampard's City FC: making of a team no one has seen play
Frank Lampard, with the Manhattan skyline behind him, has to win over a whole new City – in New York. Photograph: Craig Ruttle/AP. Contact author. @DTguardian. Saturday 7 February 2015 17.00 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via … Read more on The Guardian (blog)

'The Forgotten Depression,' by James Grant
A better natural experiment for Grant's depression-fighting formula is what's happening in the eurozone right now. With a jobless rate over 11 percent, a combination of fiscal austerity and tight money is on the verge of sending the region into its … Read more on New York Times

Proper assessment will lead you in treatment direction
Q: I am depressed and my wife and I are fighting over my treatment. I don't want to take meds because I think dope (marijuana) helps me more. She thinks I need counselling but the woman teaching me mediation thinks she can help me. Who do I believe? Read more on Hamilton Spectator

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