Forum Geared Toward Parents of Students on Heroin Deaths

Forum geared toward parents of students on heroin deaths
With opiate addiction, the addiction is so powerful that we frankly expect relapse. And one of the most dangerous times is right after you've done a period in the county jail for instance or you've just completed a heavy treatment program,” Schimel said. Read more on WISN Milwaukee

Life as a recovering addict
Cohen, a recovering addict for 18 years, now works as the vice president of substance use and co-occurring disorders at Insight Behavioral Health Centers in Chicago. Since September is National Recovery Month, RedEye wanted to highlight personal … Read more on RedEye Chicago

This Chinese Rehab Is Changing Addicts' Destiny
CBN News traveled to the southwest part of Yunnan Province, near the border of China and Myanmar. Nestled at the foothills of a mountain range lies a unique that is mixing prayer and Bible study to change the destiny of addicts. Read more on Christian Broadcasting Network

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