How Long Until I Am Save to Take the Pills?

Question by Jakob: How long until I am save to take the pills?
So, listen.. I am a drug abuse.. Not a very bad one but I enjoy having my fun and I always try to be as save as I can. Please don’t tell me not to or that I need help because I am in the process of quitting drugs/alcohol. So here is my question. I had 8 beers day from 3:30 to 6. I plan on taking lorazepam tonight at 12 am, I will be taking 6-8 MG I know that is a lot but I have a tolerence. Will I be safe to take it 6 hours after drinking?

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Answer by DeannetheGreat
Doesn’t sound to me like you are “in the process of trying to quit drugs/alcohol” when you get on here and ask about an exceptionally high dose of unprescribed benzodiazepines and the timing with of “8 beers”.

Stop lying to yourself. Go to rehab– you need it.

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