How Texas Jails Have Become De Facto Mental Health Facilities—and Why They're

How Texas Jails Have Become De Facto Mental Health Facilities—And Why They're
A report last year by the Treatment Advocacy Center found that mentally ill people in Texas were 10 times more likely to be behind bars than in a hospital. About 30 percent of county jail inmates are receiving mental health services, according to a … Read more on Houston Press

4 ways to break your diet soda addiction in a week
“The issue is that it's an addiction — there's something driving the craving,” he says. “If you don't … “Whatever way you choose to do it, have a plan,” advises Londa Sandon, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas … Read more on

New video shows more of Sandra Bland's time in Texas jail
HEMPSTEAD, Texas (AP) — Texas authorities released additional footage from Sandra Bland's three days in jail, saying they wanted to dispel rumors that she was dead before arriving. Waller County Judge Trey Duhon said Tuesday that such conspiracy … Read more on

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