How to Cope With Depression,Eating Disorders,and Anxiety?

Question by : How to cope with depression,eating disorders,and anxiety?
Hello,I am a 14 year old female. I have always been the one that doesn’t follow the crowd,stands out,and my own person. I am fairly okay with that. It’s just that.. I’ve never fit into anywhere,like no one accepts me for me?Growing up, I was the girl that you would find in the corner reading a book. I am the same way. I love music,reading, and writing. I just keep to myself. I am a shy person mainly because my self esteem is horrible and I don’t know how to not be awkward. Give me a pencil and paper,I can tell you how I feel. Put me in front of others, I can barely look them in they eye.

My elementary school years were fine. In the sixth grade, I was still the same old me. I was,however aquiring “friends” that would try to get me to talk. My friends noticed a problem though. I never ate lunch. The reason was, well my teeth were horrible. I never took care of them as a child and well,I was ashamed. That is the reason I have always kept to myself. Anyway,around March of sixth grade,I had to get a partial for my four front teeth. That did help me feel a little bit better. With my teeth not a provlem,I started eating once again. Then seventh grade hit. I stopped eating because I couldnt eat with my partial in. I started to get this fear of eating in front of people.(I like to arrange my food in a specific way). I started to get this awful fear of choking. Then the anxiety struck me.I started having 7-8 panic attacks a day. People laughed,called me names. I lost a lot of weight and confidence. Then I started becoming very depressed.

Now I am in the 8th grade slowly trying to rebuild myself. My panic attacks do happen less,maybe 5 every two weeks. I still have a fear of choking,which is destroying me. My family thinks I do it for attention. I do not like meat,they dont care. All they eat is meat. I do still have an issue with eating in public and have stopped eating at school. I also still cannot eat with my partials in. Not eating at school has caused me to have “sugar” problems,my head feels dream like 24/7 but my momm says I’ll outgrow it. My depression is still here aswell. Somedays I am okay and happy like Im on top of the world then within a second,its the complete opposite. Im not trying to sound like an attention seeker or anything. Its just I need to know how to deal with . I need to know how to get over my fears. Thank you SO much. (Getting “help” is out of the question by the way. I guess this is a demon I must fight myself)

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Answer by Monie
First of all you ARE beautiful. Never be ashamed of what you are and less of you physical appearance! As incredible as it may seem people do not tend to judge you or make fun of you because of it! And If they do don’t pay attention to it. BE YOURSELF It’s okay to be shy you know. But if it is a problem to you, you could try theater, or dancing lessons, it helps in building self confidence. Secondly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF You like to read, music, so you must have a lot of culture, there are always someone with whom you could share your knowledge. This means, conversation which eventually means making friends! Try talking to the members of your family, if you can talk to them, be happy with them, there is no reason why you couldn’t be with other people. Believe in the kindness of other people, there is no reason to be afraid.
Go girl ! ;)

Answer by Shoes
if you are not eating due to a fear of choking it needs to be treated in a similar way to emetophobia.

Overcoming Eating Phobias

if you have depression and generalised anxiety you need to seek treatment. why is your mum so unsympathetic and uncaring? why is she saying you will grow out of it?

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