How to Deal With “Functional Alcoholic” Husband?

Question by lkps: How to deal with “functional alcoholic” husband?
My husband of 6 years has a drinking problem and I cannot seem to get a handle on which direction I should go. We have 2 kids, 5 and 3, he is a good dad when he isnt drunk and he is very much in love with me. He says he is willing to change – and he is drinking less than he was before, but it is 6 years later and he is STILL drinking enough for it to be a problem.
How much?
3 years ago – it was like a 1.75 bottle of Captian Morgan a week or weekend. From about 10 am to 10 pm until it was gone he would get drunk and be worth nothing the next day. He would get so drunk he would fall asleep on the bathroom floor, wake up, puke on the floor and fall back asleep. He would pee the bed.

Now – He drank a small bottle of Jager this last weekend, by himself Fri. then was too hung over to do anything all day, so I went about my own business. Then Sun we had dinner at my dads, he drank 2 beers there, stopped at the liq store and drank a 6 pack at home and drank a few more six packs throughout the week. Every night or at least every other night he drinks 3 or 4 beers and binge drinks on the weekend, then grouches that I dont include him in our family activities and that he never gets things done he wants to do! Hmmm…. maybe bc u are drunk or hungover… just a thought…

My question is, when is enough enough, do they change slowly or just find a level you can deal with!? What should I do as I feel I am not getting the kind of support from a husband I need, and not the support my two kids need as a father either??

Should I require he gets couseling, move out for a while? Let him keep working on it alone since he has made progress?? What should I do??
I agree – he could smoke pot if he wouldn’t lose his job over it! But then it would just be the lesser of 2 evils bc he would be high ALL the time as he would rather smoke than drink anyhow…
He HAS had a DUI… Before we met.
So… drinking until you are sleeping in your own puke repeatedly as an adult, father and husband is NOT an alcoholic!?! Weird. I thought that wasn’t okay…
OH! I forgot – I do all the cooking, cleaning, kids school stuff, and I am a full time Youth Minister – which actually means I work 6 days a week, go to youth events, etc…

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Answer by Advocate
Seek out support through Al non..a for families of alcoholics..professional counseling to cope and deal with the alcoholic along with self care.

Answer by purplekitty627
1) Counseling.
2) If that doesn’t work, leave.

He has to change for himself, not for you.

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