Is It Bedtime for Benzos?

Is It Bedtime for Benzos?
(Ambien is a so-called Z-drug, along with Lunesta, that has benzo-like actions on the brain but is said to be easier for patients to stop taking because of the slightly different way in which they engage the GABA-a receptor. “I have far … “When … Read more on Huffington Post

Donald Trump Mocks Asians With Broken-English Accent During Campaign Rally In
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to a crowd during his "Make America Great Again Rally," at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa, Aug. 25, 2015. Reuters/Ben Brewer. Complaints that Donald Trump, the Republican presidential … Read more on International Business Times

ALS patients press FDA for quick access to controversial biotech drug
For people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which attacks the body's motor neurons and renders a person unable to move, swallow or breathe, the search for an effective treatment has been a crushing disappointment. The only drug available for the … Read more on

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