Is It Depression When There Are REAL Reasons to Be Depressed?

Question by Tree: Is it depression when there are REAL reasons to be depressed?
Let’s say your life is in shambles. You are very empty, COMPLETELY alone, in a financial crisis and with no support at all from anyone. If you’re terribly sad and think life is hopeless then is it depression? Or is it only depression when you’re leading a normal life but you still can’t enjoy it?

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Answer by sanriolover
nowadays alot of people get depressed because as my father has said, we are in a recession right now and the economy isn’t doing so well or as well as it could. you can be anxious about things in your life, your situations. Maybe that is what you mean. You can be depressed and anxious.

Answer by awesome
if you are chronically depressed, no matter what the situation, chances are you have depression.

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