Kinect Assists Stroke Victims With Home Rehab

Kinect Assists Stroke Victims With Home Rehab
Both teams hit upon the idea of using games to make the process of rehabilitation less onerous and more fun, and increase the chances that people will stick with the long and (currently) repetitive and uninspiring exercises needed to rewire the brain … Read more on InformationWeek

West Lothian weight loss pair are fit for a new challenge
He said: “A couple of things happened. An old school friend of mine had a stroke aged 38 and doctors blamed his lifestyle. I also ran in the Gala Day dad's 60 metres race, where I won but took about 10 minutes to recover and get my breath back. “It was … Read more on Scottish Daily Record


Recovering From Strokes Using Therapy | Video – Using video games controlled by a players body movements, Dr. Lynne Gauthier has found a way to bring typically expensive and time consuming constraint-induc…


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