My Soon to Be Husband Has a Bad Pain in His Leg..?

Question by Shauna F: My soon to be husband has a bad pain in his leg..?
It’s all around his upper thigh lower hip… it hurts him a lot if he sits for a long period or time then stands or if he walks a lot or moves around a lot. It’s been constant for about 5 months and he has been to physical therapy and it didn’t help the only thing that helps is Ibuprofen or naproxin. Anyone else have this problem? can anyone tell me whats wrong?
Oh.. It started hurting one day at work while he was lifting packages. :( It hurts him often even though he doesn’t work at that job any more.
They never screened either part of him (back or leg) and the PT they gave him was mainly just stretching of the leg.

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Answer by mistify
My first question would be: What did his physical therapy consist of? The next would be: Did it include a screening of both his hip and back?

It is highly suggestive of a back related problem. Unfortunately, the approach to treating “” is not uniform in PT. Therefore, another PT approach may help him. If he did not have this type of PT before, I would recommend he see a PT who is certified in mechanical diagnosis and therapy. Go to

Addendum: How can they treat his leg without first evaluating it? I would next suggest that he needs to return to PT to have the lumbar spine ruled out as a possible source of his symptoms…I would highly recommend he see one of the certified MDT physical therapist as listed on the source above.
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