Nonviolent Offender Initiative Gaining Some Traction

Nonviolent offender initiative gaining some traction
Speaking at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the governor listed a number of criminal justice proposals, including sending nonviolent offenders to drug treatment programs instead of prison, treating substance abuse as a issue … Read more on Capecodonline

Norovirus outbreak at rehab hospital sickens 25
Known as the "winter vomiting disease," the virus also causes severe diarrhea, nausea, and gastrointestinal cramps. It's usually short-lived and not serious, with symptoms resolving in an average of two days. Treatment usually involves keeping patients … Read more on HealthLeaders Media

Mass. task force talks about state's addiction problem
Created last month, the six-member task force is charged with studying addiction and the state's treatment options. The panel is focusing on Section 35, a provision in state law allowing the court system to hold addicts in treatment for up to 90 days … Read more on CorrectionsOne

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