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Doctors explain why Bond prefers martinis 'shaken, not stirred'
Among Bond's 123.5 recorded days, 48.5 were alcohol-free. But on 36 of those days, he was not alcohol-free by choice: On these occasions, he was locked up in jail, laid up in a hospital or doing a stint in rehab and unable to imbibe. Taking those days … Read more on Pittsburgh Post Gazette

After a glass of wine
For although everyone believes she is sober following a family intervention and a stint in rehab, Hildy has a stash of red wine hidden in the boot of an old car in her garage for her private enjoyment. She doesn't sip it every night; after all, she's … Read more on New Zealand Herald

James Bond at risk of early death from alcohol, study says
The finding of 92 units a week could actually be the low end of the truth, as studies have shown that "people generally underestimate their alcohol consumption by about 30%," the study said, noting other research has demonstrated that health surveys … Read more on CNN

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