Reed City Cancer Center Grand Opening Thursday

Reed City cancer center grand opening Thursday
Balowski said in addition to having all cancer treatments and diagnosis under one roof, the center is in the process of bringing in brand-new diagnostic and treatment technology. Included in the … “There is an ownership in this project and it has … Read more on Cadillac News (subscription)

Camping is illegal in Eugene. People camp in Eugene. What's next?
What we need are not homeless camps but compassionate retirement centers that are affordable, drug that don't cost $ 5000.00 and up! That is where my support lies. Not with career protestors that make the true problem a sideshow with … Read more on KVAL

Report shows high number of bath-salt related ED visits
"And physicians need to be aware that we don't have treatments that are specific to toxicities related to these drugs, so it's going to be symptomatic treatment. And for individuals who do develop abuse or addiction to these drugs, there's not a … Read more on Clinical Psychiatry News Digital Network


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