Rehabilitation of Kids With Down Syndrome Urged

Rehabilitation of kids with Down Syndrome urged
The CDC offers an early intervention programme that includes parent-to-parent counselling, family and , in addition to occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education and physiotherapy services. … auditory stimulation to children … Read more on Peninsula On-line

Latest affliction caused by digital devices: 'tech neck'
Our love of mobile devices — smartphones, tablets and e-readers — is creating a painful, nagging condition that some chiropractors and physical therapists call “tech neck.” Photo: Akos Stiller, Bloomberg. Camera Star Tribune photo galleries. Camera … Read more on Minneapolis Star Tribune

Penn Students Vie for Grand Prize in PennVention Competition
The finalists' inventions include a 3D printer that uses biomaterials to build rudimentary organs for experimentation, a video game controller that can be modified on the fly to incorporate assistive devices for use in physical therapy and a wearable … Read more on Penn: Office of University Communications

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