Remembering the Fallen; Honoring Those Who Served

Remembering the fallen; Honoring those who served
Of the 2.3 million American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars an estimated 14 to 20% suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or , and some estimates are higher. An estimated 50% of these do not seek treatment, and … Read more on The River Reporter

Animal therapy offers hope for veterans struggling with PTSD
Langevin suffers from depression, panic attacks and night terrors related to his PTSD. He said … “When I first got back [from Afghanistan], I had a hard time going grocery shopping or being out in crowds, I had severe anxiety attacks,” said Langevin … Read more on


How To Treat Severe Depression – Depression is a part of life for many people. Some get treatment for it and some refuse to admit they have issues …


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