Senior Q&A: Talking About End-of-Life Issues

Senior Q&A: Talking about end-of-life issues
Q: My mother is in a . The staff has told me that my mother has reached her goals and is ready to return home; there is no more room for improvement. I feel that there is room for improvement, but without physical therapy, my … Read more on Mount Shasta Herald

PT for pets? Vets prescribing physical therapy
Treatment options include therapeutic exercise programs (many of which feature underwater treadmills, at least for dogs) to strengthen muscles; manual therapy to mobilize tight muscles and joints; cold laser therapy, and sports conditioning. Rehab also … Read more on Muncie Star Press


Spider Glider Therapy for balance rehabilitation in Australia – The Spider Glider is a mobile version of the Balance Cube and Spider. As research indicates that the static spider device in combination with a treadmill is …


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