Southern New England Rehabilitation Center – Providence, RI


Southern New England – Providence, RI – Recovering from a debilitating illness or injury starts with the right roadmap to assure your return to health and independent living. …


Similar Efficacy With or Without Initial Anaerobe Coverage in Aspiration
PHILADELPHIA, PA—Initial treatment of patients hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia with anaerobe-specific antibiotics did not influence mortality or length of stay, compared to those without initial anaerobe-specific antibiotics, but patients … Read more on Monthly Prescribing Reference

Sleep apnea home tests cheaper, may be more reliable than hospital tests
Those diagnosed with sleep apnea are typically advised to lose weight, drink less alcohol or caffeine and go to bed earlier. Additional treatment options include airway surgery or could sleeping with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine … Read more on FOX31 Denver

Risks and Benefits of Phase 1 Clinical Trial Participation
At the forefront of phase 1 clinical trials is the safety of every patient participant, which is particularly true when testing new oncologic treatments in which patients may risk potentially toxic treatments in the hope of slowing the progression of … Read more on Medscape

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