St Neots Mum Banned for Drink-Driving After Running Red Light

St Neots mum banned for drink-driving after running red light
… St Neots, was stopped by officers in Brampton village after she ran a red light at the Spittals roundabout, Huntingdon, on July 10. Stephen Colman, prosecuting, told the court that there were 64 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of Vanhaeck … Read more on Cambridge News

Court round-up
Jane Hanrahan, 51, of Chequer Avenue, Hyde Park, pleaded guilty, community order with requirement, £85 costs. Breach of community order: Gavin Platts, 35, of Miller Close, Thorne, pleaded guilty, £75 costs. Assault: Kayley Jones, 26, … Read more on The Star

?Barnstaple man stamped on wife in front of infant son and threatened to
A HUSBAND has been convicted for striking his wife to the floor and stomping on her ankle in front of their infant son. During the attack on May 31, when his wife phoned police, Barnstaple man Keith Garrett could be heard in the background threatening … Read more on North Devon Journal

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