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Week 10 – Don’t Wait To Stop Drinkiing! – Alcohol Mastery – Welcome to this week’s Thursday Tally from Alcohol Mastery. Here’s the link to the post: This week on the site I …


Senator Wants Women to Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking at Bars
He says if women find out they are pregnant at a bar it will stop them from drinking, thereby decreasing the incidents of fetal alcohol syndrome throughout the state. That is totally nuts, obviously. But wait, there's more insanity! Via Talking Points … Read more on Jezebel

Your View: Having a job makes difference to an addict
I can stop anytime. We're only having fun!" With years of drinking, you go from drinking because you just want to and later your body is craving the drug and more as time goes by. The third reason, which I believe is really number one, the person has … Read more on

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