Suffering in Silence: Stigma Over Mental Health Issues Keeps Some From Seeking

Suffering in silence: Stigma over mental health issues keeps some from seeking
… coverage for the treatment of mental disorders. "It's not possible to divide physical from ," said Melinda Adams, a licensed clinical social worker in Shasta County. "ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder ? a lot of these illnesses … Read more on Redding Record Searchlight

Could a new wave of talking therapies replace CBT?
'CBT therapy is helpful for anxiety but once you move into problems such as more severe depressions and bipolar, patients struggle,' says Paul Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at the University of Derby and author of Mindful Compassion (Robinson £12.99 … Read more on

Shiny Object Syndrome – Bipolar Disorder
I went in there, thinking I would just talk about my suspected ADD or ADHD, but as he asked a few basic questions, I started to see how the anxiety, bipolar, and attention deficit issues all sort of play off of each other! Isn't that incredible, how … Read more on Beliefnet

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