'Sundowning': Why Hospital Staffs Dread Nightfall, and How to Help Seniors

'Sundowning': Why Hospital Staffs Dread Nightfall, And How To Help Seniors
Another night in the hospital, a female Sri Lankan colleague saw an elderly man who was convinced she was a Nazi soldier. …. Work with doctors, nurses and physical therapists to understand how your family member can stay active. Encourage them to … Read more on WBUR

Atlantic Philanthropies Gives 7M to Establish Global Brain Health Institute
… be prevented through public health and lifestyle interventions. This means attending to cardiovascular like high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, exercise and smoking, and psychological factors … Read more on UCSF News Services

Don't blame grandma yet, but your asthma may be her fault
It's no secret that smoking and pesticides are bad for your lungs and that exercise is good for your heart. But these things may actually change the function of our … While genetics typically refers to the physical structure of DNA, epigenetics is a … Read more on PBS NewsHour

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