The 25 Best Episodes of NBC's Community

The 25 Best Episodes Of NBC's Community
Why It's Earned Its Place: Abed's legendary impersonation of Don Draper is the only qualification that this episode really needs, but “Physical Education” is filled with terrific one-liners and pop culture references, in addition to some well-placed … Read more on We Got This Covered

Shooting for a bright future: Charley Weber rebuilding his life after year of
Charley has learned patience the hard way in a year of hard-won recovery through hundreds of hours of physical and . He's also gained a sense of mortality few high school sophomores have. “I appreciate the little things more now. I don't … Read more on In-Forum

Hands, faces to be 'organs' in transplant world
… can take up to two years. "It's not just, 'Attach some arms and let me go my merry way,' " said Ess, who still requires physical therapy and who will always have to watch for signs of rejection. "It takes a lot of patience, it takes a lot of … Read more on

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