The Productivity Obsession

The Productivity Obsession
In a hotel room on a recent business trip, nestled next to the telephone on the work desk, a little cardboard sign beckoned: “Help us make your stay more productive.” Not “restful” or “comfortable” but “productive.” In the hotel room as in the office … Read more on

America's Gun Problem Is So Bad Even Australians Are Scared
Rampant drug epidemics (meth). Gang activity. But sure, guns are the root of Anerica's problems. For those that don't get sarcasm, what I'm saying is that is a symptom of all these other things we're not even concerned with fixing. If you … Read more on Huffington Post

Review: 'The Martian' is a pleasure
Although technically science fiction by virtue of its being largely set on a neighboring planet, this smartly made adaptation of Andy Weir's best-selling novel is more realistic in its attention to detail than many films set in the present, giving the … Read more on CNN

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