What Category Would Sports Therapy Fall Under?

Question by : What category would Sports Therapy fall under?
i’m looking to major in sports therapy but i don’t know what category to look under and i mean specifically like if it would fall under athletic training/sports medicine, per-physical therapy. i don’t know if it would fall under theses categories but if so please say which one and if not please list.

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Answer by mistify
First, there is no degree entitled “sports therapy.” Sports therapy usually refers to a branch of physical therapy. Therefore, the degree would be in this. However, PT is not an undergraduate major, it’s a graduate degree now usually a doctorate (DPT) in the US. Pre physical therapy would be an undergraduate track to prepare you to enter grad school, but you can major in anything as long as you also complete the required prerequisites.

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You could also got for Physical Therapy Assistant and work in a sports therapy setting. PTA is only a two year degree program.

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