What Is the Difference Between a Person That Is a “victim” and a Person Who Has a “Victim Mindset”?

Question by Jessie: What is the difference between a person that is a “victim” and a person who has a “victim mindset”?

Best answer:

Answer by Gavin Taylor
a victim is a person who actually is the victim and a victim mindset is where someone believes they are the victim or greedily make it out that way but aren’t actually a victim

Answer by Ra
Victims have had something happen to them. A victim mindset is the “woe is me” type of thinking. Something may have happened to them, but they should not be acting like a victim. Often, people with a victim mindset are just people who are trying to bond with other victims. People with the mindset will lack motivation to do things and use the excuse that they are a victim so that they won’t have to.

Sometimes, the line is broad, and sometimes very thin.

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