Why Addiction Is Suddenly a Hot Investment Sector in Philly

Why addiction is suddenly a hot investment sector in Philly
O'Neill is aiming to have seven inpatient facilities with 1,200 beds in operation by the end of next year and an additional 1,100 beds in 2019. He envisions treating 30,000 people a year, seven times more than the 4,300 Caron Treatment Centers served … Read more on Philly.com

Many doctors refuse to prescribe heroin 'antidote' that could slow epidemic
However, not enough doctors are willing to prescribe it, and loved ones don't know it even exists, said Caleb Banta-Green, Senior Research Scientist at the 's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. … Suboxone for a few years and it … Read more on MyNorthwest.com

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