California Avenue: Making a New Downtown

California Avenue: Making a new downtown
19, 1904, a grocer named Frank Backus joined dozens of merchants and fellow Mayfield residents in asking the Board of Trustees to ban alcohol sales. For Backus and his compatriots, the reasons for the prohibition had at least as …. That development … Read more on Palo Alto Online

Peace Activists Want To Keep Military Recruiters Out Of Schools
According to the APHA, “a study of mental disorders in the U.S. military showed the highest rates of all disorders, including alcohol abuse, anxiety syndromes, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among the youngest cohort, those aged 17 … Read more on Mintpress News

Silver Hill: County needs mental improvements
… County community, paying particular attention to potentially underserved populations including adolescents and young adults, women, minorities and seniors: 1) Substance abuse (alcohol, drugs and tobacco); 2) Mental health (mood and anxiety … Read more on New Canaan Advertiser


Drinking And Relationship Problems – In “Drinking And Relationship Problems” we will discuss how drinking can negatively impact marriage and what to do about this problem. Resource: www.livethec…


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