Fibromyalgia Sufferer Takes on Her Chronic Pain by Training to Swim the

Fibromyalgia sufferer takes on her chronic pain by training to swim the
Pumphrey, a 26-year-old swim coach and painter who has been in chronic pain for nearly two decades, had discovered along the way that intense, exhausting exercise brought some relief from the strange symptoms of her fibromyalgia, a controversial … Read more on

Rob Horowitz: National Attention to Obesity Starting to Pay Off
… stroke, hypertension, arthritis and cancer, among other maladies. As the report asserts, “More than 75 percent of hypertension cases can be attributed to obesity. And approximately one-third of cancer deaths are linked to obesity or lack of … Read more on GoLocalProv

A study found that the risk of heart failure doubled for men who sat for at least five hours a day outside of work and didn't exercise much, compared to physically active guys who sat for less than two hours a day. “Sitting disease” is also linked to … Read more on Kansas City Star

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