My Birthday Wish (Vlog 10, 1/13/12)


My Birthday Wish (Vlog 10, 1/13/12) – My birthday is on Monday! (January 16) I just wanted to tell you about my birthday wish and hope that you guys can contribute a little bit to the cause. A li…


New to America, Bhutanese refugees face suicide crisis
… barrier compounds the stress and difficulty of finding a job. Subedi said that explains why the majority of suicides have been unemployed males. Before the family leaves his office, Subedi gives the Bistas the number for the hotline. Read more on Al Jazeera America

anxiety and depression
… you're not going to last much longer. You're asking for help now by making this here it is; call the suicide prevention hotline, or talk to your doctor- as for a referral for counselling. If you are close to your limit- go down to emerg … Read more on

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