My Life Is Completely Hopeless. Where Can I Go for Help?

Question by Your Lost Lenore: My life is completely hopeless. Where can I go for help?
I feel completely hopeless. I am a 14 yr old girl, and have been suffering from for about the last three years. I have been suffering all alone, and haven’t talked to anyone about it. Lately I have been seriously considering suicide. I know I need to get help. I just can’t hold this all inside anymore. But I have no one to go to! I am homeschooled. Whenever I try to talk to my mom, she either starts doing housework or walks away, or yells at me and tells me to stop thinking about only myself. I have no friends, and no other person who I trust to talk to. Please, what should I do? Is there a safe online site or something that I can join and try to get help? I feel so alone and scared.
also- the only thing I have found that makes me feel better is cutting. i know I need to stop, but I can’t!! please someone help!

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Answer by Taylor
I undertand you. I’m 14, and i suffer from severe depression. But I’m glad you know that you need help, becuase you do, trust me I do too. You should really tell your mom, sit her down or tell her that you really want to talk to her about something. Get help asap, it’s better to live than to leave everyone who loves you wondering why you would leave them. Good luck.

Answer by sourpatchkid
depending on where you live, there are suicide hotlines and there’s the kid’s help phone. You can start there. Maybe call one day when you’re home alone, when your Mom is out shopping.

There are also online options. The Samaritans, a UK organization, offeres an online “helpline”. You can email them and they will write you back. They will still help you even if you don’t live in the US

Good luck.

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