So Whats Some Alternitive Medicine for My So Called “Major Depression” and “bipolar”?

Question by : So whats some alternitive medicine for my so called “major depression” and “bipolar”?
I’m starting to believe its all a crock to push pills down my throat. I want a healthier way to feel better.

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Answer by The First Dragon
It depends seriously on how serious your bipolar is. Indeed, it depends also on whether the diagnosis is correct. A correct diagnosis is very important, and “bipolar” has become somewhat of a wastebasket diagnosis; i.e., if they don’t know what it is, call it bipolar.
However, if you suffer from major depression and from manic or hypomanic episodes, bipolar affective disorder may be the correct diagnosis.
Even with the correct diagnosis, everybody is different. If your depression or mania are making it hard to function, I wouldn’t say no to medication.
However, there are some natural approaches that can prove extremely helpful. I know one diagnosed “bipolar” man who has learned to manage his illness with exercise and nutrition; especially exercise. I don’t know the details. But he is very successful in his career.
Depression itself often responds to exercise as well or better than to medication, depending on the individual of course. The trouble is that when you are depressed, you tend to lack the motivation to exercise; so you have to discipline yourself. Depression is also helped by exposure to bright light such as sunlight; that is why it gets worse in winter when the days are shorter. I have a “bright light unit” that gives a big dose of bright light in just a few minutes, and stimulates my metabolism significantly. [I have Depression, but not Bipolar.] It is also helpful to take 3 high-potency Vitamin B tablets daily, plus 1000 units of Vitamin D. These are known to help brain functioning.
Frankly it is a hard decision, sometimes, as to whether and how much medication to take; as for myself, I prefer to keep it to the minimum I can get by with. This isn’t always wise, though, if you have a severe disorder that may take you unawares.
If you can find a good homeopath, that may be a good option too.
Good luck with it.

Answer by Yup*
St. John’s Wort has done wonders for my depression.

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