What Is a Plut?

Question by Anonymous8: What is a plut?
Whenever I have accidents my mammy and pappy say oops you made a plut and I’m like you wenches don’t even talk to me like that and they’re like we’re getting that ball with spikes on it to hit you with and I’m like ohkay nevermind LOLZ and then I don’t know what they mean so can anyone please help me?

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Answer by Patricia M
Hey, Plut— you won’t get help here; check the yellow pages under “Rehab Centers”

Answer by Jennifer Lynn
lol, well, i have never heard the word myself, but i googled, and i found some results so, you can check em out if ya would like

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Worship at the – Fiesta de Gracia 2011 – Culto.com doing worship at a rehab center in Tacna, Peru. Culto.com alabando en un centro de rehabilitacion en Tacna, Peru.


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