York Researchers Look for Ways to Help Stroke Victims Communicate

York Researchers Look For Ways to Help Stroke Victims Communicate
Researchers from the University of York's Department of Psychology are carrying out a new study examining whether electrical stimulation of the brain can improve the understanding of words and pictures after a stroke. They are testing whether a … Read more on 104.7 Minster FM

Could the Wii be good for you?
For one, physiotherapy can be extremely mundane: so doctors could now have access to a powerful weapon when they have at their disposal something that people join overnight queues to obtain. "Motivation is crucial when it comes to successful treatment … Read more on BBC News

Learn what can set you up for a stroke
… pressure rises with age in most Nigerians. One in 10 Nigerian adults have ; a third of them are aware; a third of those that are aware are on treatment and a third of those on treatment have their blood pressure properly … Read more on Nigerian Tribune

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