Alcohol Recovery Clinics: What Is an Alcohol Clinic?

An alcohol clinic is a facility meant to assist in recovery from a variety of conditions. Patients may visit a alcohol clinic to treat a chronic severe addictions to alcohol. Clinics may be public or , and typically feature a medically trained staff to help address the client’s needs.

Alcohol clinics geared toward fighting addiction tend to operate on an inpatient basis. Patients may be mandated to rehab by a court, be involuntarily checked in if they are a minor or under certain conditions, or may choose to enter voluntarily to combat their addictions. Programs alcohol rehab clinics may vary considerably in method, but the shortest recommended stay in an addiction rehab is usually 28 days and up to 3 months.

While there are some NHS-run alcohol rehab clinics, private alcohol rehabilitation facilities are also quite popular. These clinics offer strict anonymity and privacy, and cater to a variety of wealthy or even celebrity patients. Prices for private facilities can run extremely high, but many provide a variety of luxury services like five-star meals or spa treatments, that can help client feel like they are on holiday while dealing with their alcohol addiction.

For those with low income or financial problems, some programs may be able to offer financial assistance to prospective patients. Contact the clinic or local NHS authorities to gain information about any available low-cost programs. A government or charitably run rehabilitation clinic may be able to offer greater help to financially needy patients.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s condition, he or she may first be given certain prescribed drugs to promote a quick detoxing of the system, clearing out any affects of current alcohol use. While staying at the alcohol rehabilitation clinic, a patient will then typically meet with counselors and attends meetings with other patients to address their drug or alcohol use. In some cases, patients are prescribed medicine that may help them with cravings and reduce their dependence on drugs.

After completing the program at a alcohol rehabilitation clinic, patients may gain access to various transition or outpatient after care programs run by the alcohol clinic. These may include group meetings or continued counseling. While it is expected that a patient who has completed a rehab program is capable of monitoring their own progress, good alcohol rehabilitation clinics will offer patients a wide variety of ways to keep with their program after leaving the facility.

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