Overdoses Fell With Medical Marijuana Legalization

Overdoses Fell with Medical Marijuana Legalization
Our study should also not be used to tout the use of marijuana to treat opioid addiction, a particularly upsetting misinterpretation, as the limited evidence available points to the opposite being true: Quitting marijuana may strengthen recovery for … Read more on New York Times

Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller And ?
It's a tempting sell in New England, hard hit by the painkiller and heroin crisis, with a problem: There is very little research showing marijuana works as a treatment for the addiction. … Bolstered by stories like Ham's, doctors are experimenting … Read more on CBS Local

Regenerative Medicine
Organizers: Jane S. Lebkowski (Asterias Biotherapeutics), George Zavoico (JonesTrading Institutional Services), Sonya Dougal (The New York Academy of Sciences), and Caitlin McOmish (The New York Academy of Sciences)Presented by the Biochemical … Read more on The New York Academy of Sciences

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