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Prince Andrew Rammed Closed Park Gates With Range Rover to Avoid Detour Home

Prince Andrew rammed closed park gates with Range Rover to avoid detour home
Prince Andrew reportedly smashed his 80,000 Ranger Rover through closed park gates to avoid a one-mile detour. The Queen's son is said to have left Windsor Great Park with a bill of thousands of pounds, following the incident on Sunday. It's claimed … Read more on

Mansion that became Nazi headquarters is on the market
A historic mansion with 11 acres of land which used to serve as the Nazi headquarters during the occupation of the Channel Islands has now been put up for sale for £12 million. Prior to the Second World War, the occupants were injured servicemen, … Read more on Daily Mail

Crashing the Super Bowl: Tips From a Legendary Sneak

Crashing the Super Bowl: Tips from a legendary sneak
The brazen exploits that left security brass red-faced have become as much a part of Super Bowl mythology as 's guarantee — at least beyond the serious halls of NFL headquarters. But the NFL can relax this year. It apparently won't have Dion … Read more on MyAJC

Doc on Rose: This is MLB's petty vindictiveness
As Joe Namath put it eloquently recently, when someone asked him if fantasy sports were gambling (paraphrasing here): "Do you have to pay to play? Do you get paid if you win?" Yes and yes. "Then it's gambling." This is 2015, when highly suspected users … Read more on Cincinnati.com

Arab-American Community Comes to Grips With Drugs

Arab-American community comes to grips with drugs
“This is a huge problem, but when people talk about in the Muslim culture, they're shunned,” said Abdallah, 36, a Grosse Pointe resident who grew up in Dearborn. “If you mention that someone is addicted to drugs, people get mad at you.”. Read more on The Detroit News

Tulane scientist's drug could reduce opioid addiction, overdoses
James Zadina, a professor of medicine, pharmacology and neuroscience at the Tulane School of Medicine, says an engineered version of a chemical found in the brain has been shown in laboratory experiments on rats and mice to reduce or eliminate the side … Read more on NOLA.com

Keith Richards' Daughter Released From Rehab

Keith Richards' daughter released from rehab
The 30-year-old Theodora Richards — a model and artist who illustrated her father's children's book "Gus & Me" — reportedly spent hours each day in rehab drawing in a marble covered notebook she seemed to keep with her at all times. In this July 13 … Read more on San Jose Mercury News

Duggar Family Visits Josh in Rehab, Did He Leave With Them?
Has Josh Duggar headed home from rehab to spend Thanksgiving with his family? A plane carrying patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, a Duggar son … that), but Us's main job is to report on entertainment. It would be like CNN airing as their … Read more on Us Magazine

Bodybuilder Dean Wharmby Dies After Eating 10000 Calories a Day and Steroid Abuse

Bodybuilder Dean Wharmby dies after eating 10000 calories a day and steroid abuse
His partner Charlotte Rigby said that when she first met Dean eight years ago, she had suspicions he had used steroids because of his muscular build, but said when they got together in 2010, he was trying to stop taking the drugs. She told the inquest … Read more on Daily Mail

13-bout MMA card hits Joe Louis Arena on Saturday
Mixed martial arts returns to Detroit on Saturday night, with the 13-bout "Brawl in the Fall" show at Joe Louis Arena. Heading the card is a five-round cage battle between Detroit's Marco Smallman (9-0) and Robert Gidron (13-2) of Grand Rapids for the … Read more on Detroit

Mental Illness: Families Cut Out of Care

Mental illness: Families cut out of care
Deaths from unnatural causes – such as suicide, and injuries – were 90% lower among people with schizophrenia whose families were involved throughout their care, according to a study that followed more than 500 patients over 10 years … Read more on USA TODAY

Review: In 'Evicted,' Home Is an Elusive Goal for America's Poor
Mr. Desmond, a sociologist and a co-director of the Justice and Poverty Project at Harvard, lived among them in 2008 and 2009 — first in the poor, white College Mobile Home Park, a dark hole of vanished ambitions and drug abuse (one woman is “Heroin … Read more on New York Times

Meet the Cast of Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Meet the Cast of Survivor: Kaoh Rong
When the long-running reality show returns for its 32nd season, Survivor: Kaoh Rong, on Feb. 17, they've found a new batch of contestants to compete for the $ 1 million prize. Survivor's strength has always been in its casting, and, by the looks of this … Read more on People Magazine

Celebrity RehabSeason 5 Cast Revealed
After many success stories (Mackenzie Phillips, Rodney King, and Nicki McKibbin) and unsuccessful treatments (Dennis Rodman, Kari Ann Peniche) Dr. Drew Pinsky is back to help eight celebrities struggling with alcohol and/or . Read more on Neon Tommy