Council Opposes Expanion of West Side Methadone Clinic

Council opposes expanion of West Side methadone clinic
It's a program bitterly fought two years ago when it was started. Now, a boom in business reflects the booming opioid problem. Council members say it isn't just the location in a residential neighborhood but that drug treatment ought to be in a more … Read more on WBFO

Time to Take Close Look at Family First Act
And by actually creating a category of placement called “Qualified Residential Treatment Programs” (or worse, one summary of the bill says these would have the oxymoronic name Quality Residential Treatment Programs), the bill runs the risk of … Read more on Youth Today

Area faith leaders call for funding for , elder care
A group of faith leaders from around the Charlottesville-Albemarle area are calling for a new women's residential drug rehabilitation center to be built on Old Lynchburg Road. The group, named IMPACT, unveiled a request for $ 150,000 in combined public … Read more on The Daily Progress

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