Bipolar Treatment: Patient Non-Compliance


Bipolar Treatment: Patient Non-Compliance – Some bipolar patients are non-compliant in their bipolar treatment and that’s a big problem. Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, discusses bi…


9, Tori and Dean quietly slipped out of the Grand View House, which treats alcohol and drug addiction and is associated with a facility for psychological and personality disorders, depression and bipolar disorder. Only a few weeks earlier, the couple's … Read more on The National Enquirer

Two SNPs Predict Lithium Response in Bipolar I Disorder
Noting that many patients with bipolar disorders do not respond to lithium therapy, Chien-Hsiun Chen, PhD, from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Taipei, Taiwan, and colleagues assessed the response to in subgroups from a sample … Read more on Monthly Prescribing Reference

Long-Term Varenicline Treatment Supports Tobacco Abstinence in People With
Participants currently being treated for schizophrenia, for a related condition called schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder enrolled in the study at 10 mental health centers in six states. After the initial 12-week cessation phase, during … Read more on Science Daily (press release)

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