Does Carrie Fisher Exaggerate Her Manic-Depression?

Question by Megan: Does Carrie Fisher exaggerate her manic-depression?
Star Wars star Carrie Fisher says that shes bipolar.People with severe clinical mental illness like manic-depression don’t rack up 100 credits,write movie scripts and best-selling books etc.And they certainly don’t appear on famous US talk shows boasting about how mentally ill they are.What do you think?Thanks

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Answer by Tilly
She is open with it, that it is all

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Answer by Apex
I don’t understand the idea that Manic Depressives can’t/don’t “rack up 100 credits,write movie scripts and best-selling books etc”

Earnest Hemingway wrote pretty well, as did Jack London and Edgar Allen Poe.

Richard Dreyfus fought a giant shark with the mental illness.

Robert Downey Jr. was Iron Man and is Manic/BiPolar.

Stephen Fry does all those things pretty well.

Russel Brand seems to function normally sometimes.

DMX has publicly discussed his illness.

Macy Gray seems to be able to work.

Burgess Merideth, The Penguin was manic.

Frank Sinatra did bipolar his way.

JCVD has it too.

I think you need to research what this illness actually is and does to a person, before supposing what one can or cannot do while suffering from it.

As for you roriginal question: Yes, she does, and she does so for comic effect, to perhaps tear down the misconceptions people have about bipolar disorder and manic depression.

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