Eau Claire SWAT Duo Cleared in Shooting Death; Legislature Votes to Drop 180

Eau Claire SWAT duo cleared in shooting death; Legislature votes to drop 180
Headlines. Lloyd L. Wright, 87 · Benjamin Koch, 78 · John Oldenburg, 90 · Helen Jane Skifstad, 88 … Email Tweet. MENOMONIE — A prosecutor said a special weapons and tactics team and regional drug officers were justified in killing a drug suspect … Read more on Richmond-News

Saint Jude Retreats Releases Radio Interview with Dr. Robert Epstein
The Saint Jude Retreats, a non-12 step substance use program, releases a radio show interview on the topic of adolescence and substance use with Dr. Robert Epstein. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a friend. Read more on PR Web (press release)

Judges to Examine If Drug-Using Mothers of Stillborns Can Be Tried for Murder
Saying Gibbs should not be tried for murder is like saying that "every who robs or steals to obtain money for drugs should not be held accountable for their actions because of their addiction," the state attorney general's office wrote in a … Read more on The Wire

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