Effectively Treat Depression With Natural Medicine – Dr. Kian, Naturopathic Doctor


Effectively Treat Depression with Natural Medicine – Dr. Kian, Naturopathic Doctor – See www.thenaturalguide.com – Naturopathic Doctor Lena Kian – www.harmonyhealingclinic.com – explains how Naturopathic Medicine is able to reduce or reverse Depression. Produced by Larry Cook.


Study: Depression In Older Adults Linked to Drinking Soda
Dr. Chen claims that decreasing your consumption of sweetened and diet drinks may be a natural way to decrease your risk of depression, but that this is not a substitute for prescribed . The study has not convinced all doctors. Read more on News Channel 7

Artificial Poop, RePOOPulate, May Lead To Synthetic Fecal Transplants
These rod-shaped bacteria are commonly found in the environment and even in our bodies, but have lately become a major concern in hospitals where antibiotics leave patients without the natural flora that protect their bodies. When C. difficile … Read more on Huffington Post

Mock Mars mission finds down-to-Earth sleep woes
“This looks like something you see in birds in the winter,” gearing up for hibernation, said lead author David Dinges, a University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine sleep expert. The experiment was run and funded by Russian and European space … Read more on Austin American-Statesman

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