Exercise Proteins Can Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Exercise Proteins Can Reduce Symptoms of Depression
When the control group of mice was given kynurenine, they displayed depressive behavior. However, the genetically modified, PGC-1a1 increased mice did not show depressive symptoms when given kynurenine. The PGC-1a1 mice never showed elevated … Read more on HCPLive

Work Burnout Linked to Atypical Depression
Additional symptoms of atypical depression include increased appetite or , sleepiness, or excessive sleep, marked fatigue or weakness, and extreme sensitivity to rejection. Features of atypical depression were observed in 63 percent of the … Read more on PsychCentral.com (blog)

Here's A Look At Who Is Depressed In The US
About 1 in 13 US residents have symptoms of moderate or severe depression, according to a recent data release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But not everyone is at equal risk. Women and people between the ages of 40 and 59 are at … Read more on Business Insider


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