Fits of What Seems Like Teenage Depression?

Question by rbw_cynical: Fits of what seems like teenage depression?
Okay, so sometimes, usually around 3-4 times a week, I just fall into a very heavy, depressed state. Factors usually include school stress, sometimes trouble with parents, liking somebody who isn’t available. This doesnt really seem like medical depression, it could just be teenage hormones. This has been happening for no more than 2.5 weeks. I just want to know how close this sounds to being a medical issue. Ask viable questions in answers and ill post info.
15 year old GUY.

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Answer by tom b
if it is occurring several times per week and is unrelated to menstrual cycle, then it is unlikely to be related to hormones. teenage hormonal surges don;t cause depression. some women get depressive symtpoms (part of PMT/PMS) before their periods.

major depression needs to include at least 2 weeks of symptoms which must include either:
depressed mood
lack of interest in previously enjoyable activites

as well as a few of, but not all of the following symptoms:
poor sleep especially early waking
reduced or increased appetite
suicidal thoughts (not necessary for the diagnosis)
low motivation
poor concentration
poor memory

It sounds like the depressed mood of 2 weeks duration fits.
If the pattern fits the above description I suggest seeing a doctor to exclude other illnesses and consider seeing a psychologist.

if you get onto it early the outcome is likely to be better.

treatment helps most people a great deal and can help you cope.

Answer by amy02
Yahoo search: depression adolescent

(National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine)

“Medline Plus Encyclopedia: Adolescent Depression”

True depression in teens is often difficult to diagnose because normal adolescent behavior is marked by both up and down moods. These moods may alternate over a period of hours or days.

Persistent depressed mood, faltering school performance, failing relations with family and friends, substance abuse, and other negative behaviors may indicate a serious depressive episode. These symptoms may be easy to recognize, but depression in adolescents often starts very differently than these classic symptoms.

Symptoms Return to top

* Depressed or irritable mood
* Temper (agitation)
* Loss of interest in activities
* Reduced pleasure in daily activities
* Appetite changes (usually a loss of appetite but sometimes an increase)
* Weight change (unintentional weight loss or unintentional weight gain)
* Persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep (insomnia)
* Excessive daytime sleepiness
* Fatigue
* Difficulty concentrating
* Fifficulty making decisions
* Episodes of
* Preoccupation with self
* Feelings of worthlessness, sadness, or self-hatred
* Excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt
* Acting-out behavior (missing curfews, unusual defiance)
* Thoughts about suicide or obsessive fears or worries about death
* Plans to commit suicide or actual suicide attempt
* Excessively irresponsible behavior pattern

If these symptoms persist for at least 2 weeks and cause significant distress or difficulty functioning, treatment should be sought.

Please read the rest of the page as well, although I think I have included the most significant parts.

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