History of Violence, Mental Illness Plagued Hospital Shooting Suspect

History of violence, mental illness plagued hospital shooting suspect
He was ordered to reside at the Life Center of Eastern Delaware County on Market Street for as long as his probation officer deems it to be in Plotts' best interest. He was also ordered to participate in mental health and drug treatment programs as … Read more on Delaware County Daily Times

Smart On Crime Initiative Intended To Reduce Louisiana's Record Incarceration
“We started looking at programs that helped,” Madden says. “We looked at drug treatment. We looked at alcohol treatment. We looked at funding for mental health. We looked at intermediate sanctions. We looked at expansion of specialty courts. All of the … Read more on WWNO

Richard Barry on DA Michael O'Keefe's involvement in the O'Brien conviction
I will actively pursue nonprofit drug for opiate addicts. I am not interested in power or patronage, I am interested in making the Cape and Islands a safer place for our children, our visitors and the people that call this … Read more on Cape Cod Today

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