How Are Mental Disorders Like Biploar(“manic Depression”)understood in Egypt? Are Support Groups Findable4 It

Question by warpedhybrid: How are mental disorders like biploar(“manic depression”)understood in egypt? are support groups findable4 it
I’ve noticed it’s something ppl. misundertand often. Is it treated w/ anti seizure medication/lithium in egypt as well?what kind of drugs? do u know of someone w/ an actual diagnosis + are they shunned by society, accepted or hiding it?

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Answer by RAMSIS II
Usually our socirty missunderstand them
Yes I know too many ppl with manic depression

Answer by Isadora
Salah Jahine “famous poem” was one, and he was suspected to be commit suicide for this , and I suspected myself to be one too , but al hamd lelah the doctors told me it is only depression , no they don’t accept them , our society don’t even respect the psychiatrists and call them mad doctors , that is why I decided to be one.

Yes the paranoid people who claim to be prophets and Saints in our society , they made fun of them in movies and arrest them and imprison them as kaffirs and infidels , they don’t know that those are helpless patients who lost their minds and need care.
our society don’t respect the mental illness at all.
I have more to tell you , mail me up to tell you the details from things I witnessed.
If you want psychiatrist numbers in Egypt , mail me up and I will be very delighted to help you.

Yes the bipolar manic depression needs as lithium carbonate and sodium valporate.

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