How Can I Cure “Love Depression?”?

Question by Angel D: How can I cure “love depression?”?
I moved away from my boyfriend, whom I was completely in love with. Now I can’t sleep, even though any dream I have is of him, I can’t listen to some of my favorite songs, (i.e. God Blessed the Broken Road, it was mine and his song), and I can’t watch a romance movie without crying. I’m feeling more and more out of reach from others, and this event has changed me a lot. I used to listen to a lot of country music; now I listen only to loud rock songs that give me headaches. He won’t even talk to me on myspace. (I did a very mean thing a few days before I left; we broke up, I got together with a guy that wanted to kill him) Is there anything I can do to help? Or how can I at least save our relationship?

Best answer:

Answer by Joshua
you need to take a break from dating.

Answer by Lisa
You need to let some time go by before you try to get in contact with him again, maybe time and space with heal these wounds. By going with the other guy you really hurt hm and it may take a long time before he forgives you. Stop listening to the rock songs that give you head aches it won’t help. I would wait a few months before trying to contact him again.

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