How Can I Have My Mom Put Into a Rehab Center for Alcoholism ??

Question by beeyotch101: how can i have my mom put into a rehab center for alcoholism ??
she is ruining my life and her own.I am way over 18
she is suicidal when she gets drunk too.
She has been this way all my life and i am 29 now and i am just really fed up she is constantly calling me too help her but then when it comes down to going she decides not to..i have her on video saying she wants to go and she needs help.

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Answer by mommyx21978
She can only be forced into rehab if she is a danger to herself or others. if that is the case you should be able to have the police “chapter” her (put her in the hospital)

Answer by charlton_g_w
impossible. you might be able to have her committed if she is really a danger to herself or others (and that is usually about a 72 hour hold) but otherwise, you are SOL.

if you are over 18, get away from her. far far away and GET YOUR BUTT TO ALANON NOW…. NOW NOW NOW ALANON.

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