Pharmacotherapy Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Facility Program


Pharmacotherapy Drug Treatment Center Facility Program – Malibu Horizon offers the most advanced approach to successful alcohol and drug treatment. they are one of the only drug alcohol rehab treatment centers usin…


Zach Mettenberger, Now Healthy, Shooting Up Boards and Could Be Elite NFL
Taking a moment to simply marvel at his training, recovery time and the competitive nature of him even being out there at all, it's a perfect time to wonder if one of the best quarterbacks in the draft might be one outside of that "top tier" of passers … Read more on Bleacher Report

His Name Was Gary Poulter: Meet the homeless man who became a movie star
Poulter really couldn't get up – he'd suffered a seizure that may have been triggered by years of alcohol abuse. "It was life imitating art rather than art imitating life," Delsarte said. He was back on set the next day. Before her visit was over … Read more on Austin Chronicle

Woman sentenced in drunken driving accident that left Fort Bragg soldier a
Bruns, a decorated soldier who has survived nine deployments since 9/11 is in rehab amongst wounded soldiers, crippled on the battlefield. Most think … She bonded out for $ 10,000, but blood alcohol results did not return from the State Lab until July … Read more on

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