Promethean Spark:Teaching Life Skills to 3rd World Thru Dance


Promethean Spark:Teaching Life Skills to 3rd World thru Dance – Promethean Spark International ~ teaching essential life skills to extremely impoverished youth worldwide through dance and the performing arts. Basic introduction to our programs in leprosy…


Fla. cops grapple with insidious new drug
Treatment centers have reported seeing only a few cases of flakka users seeking help, but some say they expect that will change as users continue to seek newer, more potent drugs. "We do expect it to rise because it's sort of the new thing," said Beth … Read more on Police News

Challenges Facing Transition From Drugs to Normal Life
According to US-based drug dual diagnosis addiction treatment centre specialising in treating a wide variety of addictions, such as alcoholism, , prescription drug abuse and marijuana abuse, Promises Treatment centre if you have … Read more on

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