RDI – Narconon – FollowUp Report – English Subtitles


RDI – Narconon – FollowUp Report – English Subtitles – As promised the follow up report with the reactions of two quebec governmental figures, and youth community centers. Epic Win.


Narconon Drug Rehab and Prevention Network Enters Its 50th Year of Saving
Many countries have welcomed the successful methods of the Narconon program, including Turkey where our Narconon center was the first non-government rehab program to operate in that country. Narconon has gained international renown for its … Read more on PR Web (press release)

Where Right Meets Left
To get more people out of prisons — and safely reintegrated — they favor letting inmates earn earlier release by completing job training and drug . To ease reentry and reduce recidivism, they favor using risk-assessment formulas to rank … Read more on The Marshall Project

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